Thursday, 24 September 2009

HK Podcast 005 - Mixed by Alex Sims

House Knights Podcast 005 – Mixed by Alex Sims
24 Sep 2009

First of all the House Knights Podcast 005 is officially online, although I wanna personally apologize, I usually do all the voice over recording, but this week we had some technical problems with the voice over sessions BUT we didn’t wanna leave you empty handed so here’s this weeks show without any voice overs. It’s the House Knights Resident Mix mixed by yours truely Alex Sims. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did mixing it!!
Take Care!
Alex Sims

01. Undercover Agency / Waiting / Ocean View Mix / Naked Music [HK Back-Track]
02. Knee Deep Feat. Cathy Battistessa / All About Love / Knee Deep Vocal Mix / Knee Deep
03. Glimpse & Martin Eyerer / Southern Soul / Jay Shepheard Remix / Buzzin’ Fly [HK Exclusive]
04. Matthew Bandy & Jevne Feat. Fourfeet / Living In My Future / Atnarko Remix / Conya Records
05. Cesar Merveille & Pablo Kahn-Speyer / La Yuca / Orig / Cadenza
06. Danny Fiddo & Affkt / Points / Radio Slave Edit / Barraca Music
07. Sole Fusion / Bass Tone / H.O.S.H. Remix / Strictly Rhythm

Tuesday, 08 September 2009

HK Podcast 004 - It's an Antiquated thing!

This week Antiquated Souls take over the controls for this weeks show by having it's residents Just Mo & Miguel Tavares mix us a belter of a set. Don't forget to catch them in person on the 12th of September @ CARFAX, Johannesburg, SA for the DEEP DOWN IN NEWTON party!!

.Miguel Tavares
.Just Mo
.The Priest
.Jo Deepa

Pre-sale: R60
Damage at the door: R80
Doors open: 21:00

Contacts for pre-sale:
Brent: 0827057037
Sergio: 0824486750

HK004 Podcast - Mixed by Just Mo & Miguel Tavares
Hosted by Alex Sims

1. Kaskade / Brighter Day / Orig / Naked Music
2. Sam & Gigi / Bau Au / Markus Enochson Remix / Still Music
3. DJ Rasoul / Deep Inside / Deep Mix / Uncut Records
4. Julie McKnight / Home / Knee Deep Club Mix / Hussle Recordings
5. Mike Dunn / Deep Lat’N Soul Thoughts / Orig / Deep Soul Records
6. King Kooba / Slightly Burnt / Orig / OM Records
7. Trouble Men Feat. Jimmy Polo / Breathe Again / Orig / KIF Records
8. Eva Be Feat. Pegah Ferydoni / She Walks Alone / Marcus Worgull Remix / Sonar Kollektiv
9. Ricky L / Nothing But / Ricky L Remix / Ibadan Records
10. Ben Watt Feat. Julia Biel / Guinea Pig / Vocal Variation Mix / Buzzin’ Fly

For more information log on to
or email us at

HK Podcast 004 - Mixed by Just Mo & Miguel Tavares, Hosted by Alex Sims by houseknights

Monday, 07 September 2009

The low down on Antiquated Souls.

Antiquated Souls started with a group of house lovers who grew up in an era of deep soulful house and living by the motto "if house was a nation i wanna be president".
Due to a decline of this genre of music especially in Johannesburg they were missing the sweet infectious sound of deep house, unfortunately to the flood of commercial and soulless music in the market and night life scene.
Together they decided to take a stand and start the movement Antiquated Souls. Since then they have kept it real with only the best deep driven beats classic and new defying being slaves of commercial influences and daring to be different.
The responce has been overwhelming and it was soon discovered there was a population of people waiting for a movement like Antiquated Souls.
They truely are ambassadors of deep house and we are proud to have them on our show.
Antiquated Souls
Dare to be different

Monday, 17 August 2009

House Knights Podcast 003 - Guest Mix by Jorge Medina


Part 1 - Hosted by Alex Sims

1. Alexkid / Love We Have / Orig / F Communications [HK Back-Track]
2. Palm Skin Productions / Big Bear / Orig / Primaudial records
3. Steed Lord / You / Keine Musik Remix / Get Physical
4. Reboot / Caminando / Orig / Sei Es Drum [HK Exclusive]
5. Matthew Dear & Seth Troxler / Hurt / Orig / Spectral Sounds

Part 2 - Guest Mix by Jorge Medina aka Jasmim

1. Audio Werner / Goin Easy / Orig / Hartchef Discos
2. Madioko N Rafika / Ellelli / Kalabrese Remix / Innervisions
3. Tigerskin / Deep Contemplation / Orig / Baasal Music
4. Soul Minority / Come Back For More / Orig / Pack Up & Dance
5. Kris Wadsworth / That Nod / Orig / Dark Energy Recordings
6. Ante Perry & Olivier Gregoire / I Need / Orig / Systematic Recordings
7. Santos / Hold Home / Orig / Moon Harbour Recordings
8. Johnwaynes / Libertango / Llorca's Art Of Tones Remix / Compost
9. Bronnt Industries Kapital / Objects & Purpose / Lopazz Remix / Get Physical Music
10. Luciano & Cabo San Roque / Calypso 08 / Luciano Remix / Bruchstuecke Records or

HK Podcast 003 - Guest Mix by Jorge Medina, Hosted by Alex Sims by houseknights

Monday, 10 August 2009

Low down on Jorge Medina our first HK Guest Mix

For our maiden HK Guest Mix we've invited Jorge Medina aka Jasmim from central Portugal to get behind the decks and mix us an exclusive set. One of the few underdogs on the DJ'ing circuit in Portugal who actually still cares about the quality of music and maintains a strictly no commercial music policy when he's in the booth. Having only 4 years of professional experience under his belt, don't let that fool you, with African blood running his veins he could probably out play many of the big boys out there today. With his passion for the house and electronic routes to back him his live sets span from the deepest house to the most eclecitc techno. He has played in most of the major cities in central Portugal especially areas surrounding his home town Figueira Da Foz and is a familiar face on the underground scene. He grew up with Kraftwerk as his personal idols and listened to Thunderdome at the age of ten, poison in the booth is Licor Beirão (Portuguese Licor) with Red Bull and a pack of Marlboro, the only thing he never leaves home without are his keys and if given the chance he would take up DJ'ing as his profession. When asked what track would define him he replied Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygen 7. An essential booth would include all top of the line Pioneer equipment, 2 decks and his Mac.
Favorite cuisine is obviously Portuguese but nothing beats his mothers home made crumbed pork steaks. The last task we gave him was to describe himself in three words, he instantly said ''Fat, Eccentric and Honest''. You can catch his mix exclusively on the HK Podcast around mid August.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

House Knights Podcast 002

House Knights Podcast 002 - Mixed by Miguel Tavares
Hosted by Alex Sims

HK Back-Track
01. Matthias Tanzmann / Tuxedo / Orig / Moon Harbour

02. Phonogenic / Amish Kid / Sasse Remix / Mood Music Recordings
03. Sideshow / Scary Biscuits / John Tejada Remix / Aus Music
04. Tomoki Tamara, Nono / 3 Years / Manuel Tur Remix / Four:Twenty Recordings
05. G Family / Night Shift / Main Remix / Real Tone Recordings
06. Marco Resmann / Paradise Lost / Orig / Upon You Records
07. Jacksonville / Super 8 Motel / Orig / Tronic Soundz

Thursday, 16 July 2009

REVIEW: Fabric 47 - Jay Haze

I didn't think I would buy another Fabric mix for a while, that is, until I found out Jay Haze was next on the list. What makes this mix just that more special is that Jay is donating all the profits from the CD to the Merlin Health Services Charity. Not only a DJ, a humanitarian too as he expresses his frustration about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the sleeve notes.
Kudos for Jay.
For the music too.

Soul N Funk
Spice of tech
Dash of groove

London's longest running compilation returns with the american Jay Haze for it's 93rd release. A 20 track thumper of analog beats, deep grooves and booty shaking rhythms. Most of the music on the mix comes from Haze's own imprints Tuningspork and Contexterrior as well as showcasing his own tunes under his Fuckpony alias. The CD evolves from a soulful start into deep house, spins and weaves through the Chicago vibe with flamboyant preaching by The Lost Poets and Mike Dunn's Phreaky Motherfuckers, before it glides through melodic dubby tech house. No wonder it made Mixmag's house compilation of the moth. It's a mix of flavors elegantly mixed showing his versatility within the house genre. Artists include Lump, Alex Cellar, Dirty Bee, Wasted Chicago Youth and exclusives from Rockey, Little Dirty Ghetto Bastard and Michal Ho. I humbly award it 4/5 Knights.


01. Intro
02. Jay Haze - Awakening
03. Lil Dirrty Ghetto Bastard - An Hour To Fly
04. Mike Dunn Presents MR. 69 - Phreaky MF (Mike Dunn's Original Phreak Mixx)
05. Lump feat. Lerato - Confusion
06. Catrat feat. Yah Meek - Freedom (Jay Haze Main Mix)
07. Alex Celler - Trapped In Dub
08. Miss Fitz - Dementia
09. Jay Haze feat. Ricardo Villalobos - Mellow Dee
10. DIY - Pimp My Saw
11. Jay Haze feat. D:exter - I Can't Forget (Fuckpony Discotech Dub)
12. Wasted Chicago Youth - Mars Or Bust
13. The Last Poets - When The Revolution Comes / Pheek - Soundscape
14. Michael Ho - Ain't Going Out Like That
15. Dirty Bee - Work For Me
16. Johnny Fiasco - Conduction
17. Hugo - Pimpin' Ain't Easy
18. Ms. Minelli - Ancient Blessing
19. Fuckpony - Burning
20. Rockey - Something to Say

Available now at any good music store.

For more information go to: (where you can download his 'Love & Beyond' album for FREE, yep, for free)

Monday, 06 July 2009

House Knights Podcast Goes Live

So we've sorted out all our administrative set backs and the Podcast is now live.
Be sure to check out our Facebook group which you should receive an invitation to, as well as those who use iTunes we'll try have the podcast up and running in iTunes soon enough. Don't forget for any enquiries or questions you can drop us a line or email us at

So without further a due here it is, enjoy.

The HK Team.
Alex Sims and Miguel Tavares

House Knights Podcast 001 - Hosted by Alex Sims

01. Manuel Tur Feat. Larissa Kapp / Stay / Orig / Freerange
02. Brooks / Iwanchu / Orig / Aus Music

HK Xclusive
03. Jimpster / Sleeper / Orig / Freerange

04. Rasmus Faber Feat. Emily McEwan / Never Figure Out / Stimming Remix / Farplane
05. Spencer Parker / The Beginning / Michel Cleis Remix / Buzzin' Fly

HK Back-Track
06. Dirty Vegas / Days Go By / 7'' Mix / Parlophone

07. Lusine / Two Dots / Pezzner Remix / Ghostly International
08. Luomo / Tessio / Ramon Tapia Remix / Great Stuff Records

Sunday, 05 July 2009

HK Podcast 001 Tracklisting Release

Our first podcast is ready for the digital airwaves, we'll be releasing the tracklisting just to tease your electronic taste buds.
Links to the show will be up shortly as soon as our administrative side of things get sorted out. Keep a look out for details as well as the Facebook group.

House Knights Podcast 001 - Hosted by Alex Sims

01. Manuel Tur Feat. Larissa Kapp / Stay / Orig / Freerange
02. Brooks / Iwanchu / Orig / Aus Music

HK Xclusive
03. Jimpster / Sleeper / Orig / Freerange

04. Rasmus Faber Feat. Emily McEwan / Never Figure Out / Stimming Remix / Farplane
05. Spencer Parker / The Beginning / Michel Cleis Remix / Buzzin' Fly

HK Back-Track
06. Dirty Vegas / Days Go By / 7'' Mix / Parlophone

07. Lusine / Two Dots / Pezzner Remix / Ghostly International
08. Luomo / Tessio / Ramon Tapia Remix / Great Stuff Records

more details to follow soon...

REVIEW: Fabric 46 - Claude VonStroke

San Francisco based, Detroit raised power house producer Barclay Crenshaw aka Claude VonStroke finally lands his spot on the famous London based Fabric Series. After his At The Controls complilation CVS released back in late 2007 on Resist Music, again he showcases his flawless track programming abilities with a 22 track bumper tech mix, he weaves his way through bleepy tech house whilst keeping an old school feel to the whole mix. Two of his tracks are featured including ''Aundy'', the lastest single of his Mothership label which helped launch the likes of Italoboyz, The Martin Brothers and Catz 'n' Dogz. Other artist included in the mix are Detroit Grand Pubahs, Donk Boys, Stimming and Peter Lauer just to name a few of my top tracks. His hip hop roots are present while he drops cheeky acapellas, DJ Deeon's ''Shake It'' actually gets you bouncing around the dance floor, if it doesn't, you shouldn't be reading this. To sum it up, it's a compilation with long shelf life, timeless house, slippery wet basslines, wobbly kick drums and clean percussion. It get's 4/5 Knights.


01. Ekkohaus feat. R. Wurz – Cry Baby / Ekkohaus feat. Mensa – The Healer
02. Claude VonStroke & Bootsy Collins - Yabadabadooza
03. Rob Van Valen – Trampen
04. Holger Zilske – Mes Yeux
05. Detroit Grand Puhbas - Big Onion (Joakim Remix) / Roman Salanger - Galaxius
06. DJ Deeon – Shake It / Isomer Transitions - Downtime in the Hangar
07. Stimming - After Eight
08. Peter Lauer - Free Entry for Girls (Robag Whrume's Drikkibass Remix)
09. Voodeux - Just A Spoonful
10. Italoboyz – Bla Bla Bla
11. Varoslav feat DOP. - Inside Ways (Boris Werner. Remix)
12. Kiki – Immortal (Instrumental Dub)
13. Xpansul & Daweed - Pilsnerd / Marc Houle – Dirty Dirty
14. Dinamoe – Maceo / Clara Moto feat. Mimu – Silently
15. James Braun - Symphonia
16. Donk Boys – One Tooth Missing
17. Robag Whrume - Guppipepitsche
18. ICS – Espagnol
19. Markus Schatz - Running / Catz N' Dogz – SF
20. Marc Miroir - Kraft
21. Stimming - One Weekend
22. Claude VonStroke – Aundy

Available at all good music stores. For more information check out