Monday, 10 August 2009

Low down on Jorge Medina our first HK Guest Mix

For our maiden HK Guest Mix we've invited Jorge Medina aka Jasmim from central Portugal to get behind the decks and mix us an exclusive set. One of the few underdogs on the DJ'ing circuit in Portugal who actually still cares about the quality of music and maintains a strictly no commercial music policy when he's in the booth. Having only 4 years of professional experience under his belt, don't let that fool you, with African blood running his veins he could probably out play many of the big boys out there today. With his passion for the house and electronic routes to back him his live sets span from the deepest house to the most eclecitc techno. He has played in most of the major cities in central Portugal especially areas surrounding his home town Figueira Da Foz and is a familiar face on the underground scene. He grew up with Kraftwerk as his personal idols and listened to Thunderdome at the age of ten, poison in the booth is Licor Beirão (Portuguese Licor) with Red Bull and a pack of Marlboro, the only thing he never leaves home without are his keys and if given the chance he would take up DJ'ing as his profession. When asked what track would define him he replied Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygen 7. An essential booth would include all top of the line Pioneer equipment, 2 decks and his Mac.
Favorite cuisine is obviously Portuguese but nothing beats his mothers home made crumbed pork steaks. The last task we gave him was to describe himself in three words, he instantly said ''Fat, Eccentric and Honest''. You can catch his mix exclusively on the HK Podcast around mid August.

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