Monday, 07 September 2009

The low down on Antiquated Souls.

Antiquated Souls started with a group of house lovers who grew up in an era of deep soulful house and living by the motto "if house was a nation i wanna be president".
Due to a decline of this genre of music especially in Johannesburg they were missing the sweet infectious sound of deep house, unfortunately to the flood of commercial and soulless music in the market and night life scene.
Together they decided to take a stand and start the movement Antiquated Souls. Since then they have kept it real with only the best deep driven beats classic and new defying being slaves of commercial influences and daring to be different.
The responce has been overwhelming and it was soon discovered there was a population of people waiting for a movement like Antiquated Souls.
They truely are ambassadors of deep house and we are proud to have them on our show.
Antiquated Souls
Dare to be different

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