Thursday, 16 July 2009

REVIEW: Fabric 47 - Jay Haze

I didn't think I would buy another Fabric mix for a while, that is, until I found out Jay Haze was next on the list. What makes this mix just that more special is that Jay is donating all the profits from the CD to the Merlin Health Services Charity. Not only a DJ, a humanitarian too as he expresses his frustration about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the sleeve notes.
Kudos for Jay.
For the music too.

Soul N Funk
Spice of tech
Dash of groove

London's longest running compilation returns with the american Jay Haze for it's 93rd release. A 20 track thumper of analog beats, deep grooves and booty shaking rhythms. Most of the music on the mix comes from Haze's own imprints Tuningspork and Contexterrior as well as showcasing his own tunes under his Fuckpony alias. The CD evolves from a soulful start into deep house, spins and weaves through the Chicago vibe with flamboyant preaching by The Lost Poets and Mike Dunn's Phreaky Motherfuckers, before it glides through melodic dubby tech house. No wonder it made Mixmag's house compilation of the moth. It's a mix of flavors elegantly mixed showing his versatility within the house genre. Artists include Lump, Alex Cellar, Dirty Bee, Wasted Chicago Youth and exclusives from Rockey, Little Dirty Ghetto Bastard and Michal Ho. I humbly award it 4/5 Knights.


01. Intro
02. Jay Haze - Awakening
03. Lil Dirrty Ghetto Bastard - An Hour To Fly
04. Mike Dunn Presents MR. 69 - Phreaky MF (Mike Dunn's Original Phreak Mixx)
05. Lump feat. Lerato - Confusion
06. Catrat feat. Yah Meek - Freedom (Jay Haze Main Mix)
07. Alex Celler - Trapped In Dub
08. Miss Fitz - Dementia
09. Jay Haze feat. Ricardo Villalobos - Mellow Dee
10. DIY - Pimp My Saw
11. Jay Haze feat. D:exter - I Can't Forget (Fuckpony Discotech Dub)
12. Wasted Chicago Youth - Mars Or Bust
13. The Last Poets - When The Revolution Comes / Pheek - Soundscape
14. Michael Ho - Ain't Going Out Like That
15. Dirty Bee - Work For Me
16. Johnny Fiasco - Conduction
17. Hugo - Pimpin' Ain't Easy
18. Ms. Minelli - Ancient Blessing
19. Fuckpony - Burning
20. Rockey - Something to Say

Available now at any good music store.

For more information go to: (where you can download his 'Love & Beyond' album for FREE, yep, for free)

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